Do you know what time it is?! Oh, yes, right, Christmas time, but that’s not what I meant. It’s True Love Tuesday!!! And today I embrace how borderless trip-hop is. Literally. Look on that flag thing on the right, – this blog is not even 7 months old and we already have visitors from all over the place, from Azerbaijan to Panama, from Georgia the country to Georgia the US state. Pretty amazing. What’s even more amazing is that people not only listen to trip-hop in all those countries, they also play it. Well, I can’t be 100% on “all” part, but at least in 10 countries that this blog had the most visitors from in the past 7 months, they certainly do. Here is the proof.

#1 USA
I can’t say that trip-hop is the most popular genre back here. Not even close. In fact, if you ask people if they like trip-hop, in 9 out of 10 cases they would think that you’re trying to offer them some kind of dope. And yet there are plenty of artists and bands that contribute to worldwide trip-hop movement. Ever heard of the little duo called Thievery Corporation? I bet you didn’t know they were American. But instead of choosing them, or another musician you might have heard of – RJD2, or one of my year’s favorites – Dutch, I’ve chosen a band that not many of you are familiar with. Why? Because if I’m starting with the US, I may as well start with my neighborhood and introduce a Chicago trip-hop act – The Atomica Project (whom I just contacted today about an interview). This is the closest I could find to a music video (they have a good quality live video, but it doesn’t have vocals on it, so I picked this one):

The Atomica Project – “Jetstreams”

#2 Russia
Mother Russia! You may not be aware of it (if you’re not reading this blog, in which case shame on you), but trip-hop (and variations of it) has been experiencing quite an explosion on this particular one-ninth of the Earth surface. Too bad that almost 100% of the genre is on no-budget underground status with virtually no support from media. This is one of the few “music videos” that I was able to find:

Der Nerv – “Field Theme”

#3 Germany
Makes sense, doesn’t it? Germany has always been a place where important shit in electronic music happens. Trip-hop is not an exception. There are quite a few delicacies to choose from. The obvious choice would be my friends Botany Bay, but I don’t want you to think that they are the sole representation of German trip-hop. Here’s a name (and a tune) that might be familiar to some of you:

Terranova – “Midnight Melodic”

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