What a great month! It’s interesting how the process of looking for videos has been different each time – sometimes I have to comb through Vimeo selection myself, and sometimes, like it happened last month, videos just kept falling right into my lap. I don’t even know where to start, so I’m just going to present this Yuna video first as a tie-in with the previous post and just because it’s such a great song.

Yuna – “Live Your Life”

A fantastic entry from Polish project Cuefx Band. Good quality video (yet with some indie “umm, wtf do we do now?” moments – dude walking through the woods – check!) and, more importantly, an awesome track, overflowing with energy and beauty. Director unknown, but there’s a long list of folks who worked on the video at the end there. Can you feel this cosmic drive?

Cuefx Band – “Cosmic Drive”

Karmacoda is up next, with a suitably dark video for their single “Epic”. I could have done without the intro (or outro for that matter), but the song is well worth the wait. Well-crafted (yet pretty uneventful) video directed by Luis Otavio Feldens.

Karmacoda – “Epic”

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