Aaah… It’s been a while since the last True Love Tuesday. And I’m sure all of us could use some love these days. It’s a stormy day here in Chicagoalnd, tornado warning, “NON SECURE OBJECTS MAY BECOME AIRBORNE”, says National Weather Service. Kinda makes me wanna become a non secure object… But let’s not fly too far away from topic and listen to some fine music, shall we? What do I love today? I love when artists that aren’t ever remotely associated with trip-hop (or even electronica) come out with a number that would not only sound appropriate on any trip-hop compilation, but may become its highlight. Here are some examples:

Indie wonder My Brightest Diamond could give any trip-hop vocalist a run for their money, and her music is slow, dark and atmospheric, but she wouldn’t be caught dead with any trip-hop acts. Well, I’m probably exaggerating, but words used to describe her music usually include “indie rock”, “cabaret” or even “opera”, but never “trip-hop” or even a vague “folktronica”. However, here’s her beautiful “Gone Away”, and just try to argue that this isn’t trip-hop (I might just punch you in the nose, in celebration of True Love Tuesday):

My Brightest Diamond – “Gone Away”

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