Aqosto - Blurred Paints EPCall it ultimate chillout. Call it ambient-hop. Call it dreamtronica or electromantica. We call it Aqosto. This is a nice way to introduce yourself – by busting out a 6-track EP full of mood, atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife (if it doesn’t cut you first) and very nice beats. Blurred Paints may be a good name to describe the emotional palette of the EP – sorrow and deep thoughts are mixed with confusion and curiosity, but there is nothing blurry about music itself – it’s crisp and refined, it’s experimentation – oh, yes, – but based on thorough research – even if it’s a research of the depths of your own soul (plus a considerable amount of talent). All in all – another fantastiс addition to the TTRR‘s catalog.

Listen/download here:

Or, if you prefer torrents – here.

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