Well, not too many of you used the opportunity to preview the new coldreavers album when we played it on our Radio. I know, I know, it was Valentine’s Day and you were too busy getting ready for romantic dinners or whathaveyou. Besides, it is better to hear our new release in good quality, not in measly 64 kBit/s streaming format. So, yeah, you did the right thing deciding to wait for an official release. Wait no more – the excellent full-length from coldreavers has arrived in its 11-track awesomeness. Blue Eyes include the 4 tracks from the Illusions EP released last month plus some original and some very original new works. The instrumental tracks are the core of the album – they create this chilling, almost unsettling atmosphere by deconstructing the trip-hop elements that we’re so used to and placing samples in an uncomfortable environment where they have no other choice but adjust and start a new life. The overall sound of the album is very intense and overwhelming, so if you’re looking for some easy listening – look somewhere else. If you want a true music experience however – give Blue Eyes a listen. Coldreavers joins creative forces with three very different but equally talented vocalists/songwriters (MMAIO, Stephan Kleinert of Botany Bay and LenaGrig) on three tracks of the album, and I liked those three tracks SO MUCH that I almost wish that this wasn’t our label’s release so I could write a raving review for it. But it is our label’s release, so I say no more and give this baby into your hands. Be gentle.

Listen and download here (remember to just put “0” to “buy” the album for free, unless you’re feeling extra generous :P):

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