TTRR is alive and well, thank you very much for asking! We are VERY happy to present this new release, because this is how the music on it is – happy. No, it isn’t some upbeat-dance-techno-club kind of happy, it is a downtempo music and happiness in it comes from lightness, airiness (but not fluffiness – it never gets syrupy and sticky) – well, I guess that little birdie in the sky on the cover says it all. The record is very like that – like flying, like being able to look at familiar things from a very different perspective. Yes the problems are still there (and there are darker undertones in Lifestreaming, check out “Musicbox” for example), but they seem small and insignificant compared to the beauty and power of the world that surrounds us and the world that is hidden inside of us, which most definitely deserves a better, longer and more hopeful and optimistic look as well, no matter how dark and hopeless it may seem sometimes. Unshaped creates melodies that are actually shaped very well, and every each one progresses letting us discover new and different sides and details.

Get your copy of Unshaped – Lifestreaming EP on Bandcamp or Mininova (if you prefer torrents), as well as Juno Download (if you want to support the talent).

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