Inner is a fragile and delicate record that may just fall apart when not handled properly. And when it is taken apart, when it isn’t listened to in its entirety, then it cannot be heard. This record is like an icicle, trying to embrace the sun but slowly dying from its burning kisses, and every hit of the piano key is like another sparkling teardrop that sings its love song to the world before disappearing in the muddy waters below. More ambient in its nature, with slow, cinematic tunes filled with, besides dominating piano, various types of exotic strings and percussion, Non Dolet still delivers a few trip-hop delights, such as wavy “Searching The Water” or harmonica-driven “Outback”. The sampling is minimal – absolute most of the music is original and created by the single individual behind Non Dolet – a young Russian music conservatory student named Alisa (or Alice, if you like. I do – her music does take you to the Wonderland, but the grown up, and therefore not as cheerful version of it). Classical background is evident, sometimes perhaps too much so – some tracks sound like improvisational essays, which does not make them less impressive, but shifts the perception of the album, significantly narrowing its potential audience. It is hard to recommend such record, because from the listeners with very similar music tastes the reaction could vary from sighs of quiet amazement to yawns of utter boredom – depending on their current mood and the history of how their taste developed into its current form. Some tracks are too literal, e.g. “Train #312” or “Bushido” (which, not surprisingly, happens to be my favorite track – I’m not too deep kind of guy), some are too personal, but overall Inner is a very impressive piece of work from a very talented musician and composer, who possesses an immense amount of potential. Whether this potential develops into an exciting career in electronic music or into something beyond that – time will show. I am sure we will hear more about Alice one way or another. But for now we have Non Dolet and let’s listen to it carefully.

Listen to Non Dolet – Inner here and download it for free at Section 27 netlabel.

R.I.Y.L. classical music, early Spring
personal favs: “Bushido”, “War Field”, “Outback”

★★★½☆ tipkin’s rating

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