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Panga Nebula - Tambolero

Panga Nebula – Tambolero

The slow progression is what I like the most about trip-hop. Watch (and, more importantly, listen) this slowly progressing into something magical: Tambolero – Panga Nebula from PANGA NÉBULA on Vimeo. These guys have more videos posted, and they’re all good, check them out.
Maya Jane Coles - Unholy

Maya Jane Coles – Unholy

Who is this young lady?! Why does she sound like she was born in the late 60’s? Making chill beats like she doesn’t care. The entire album is pretty damn great, check out this track as a representative sample while I’m getting around to writing a proper review (sigh): Preview and buy the album here:...
Anji Bee - Love Me Leave Me

Anji Bee – Love Me Leave Me

ALBUM SPOTLIGHT Immensely pleasant – this is how I would describe this debut solo LP by Anji Bee. Yes, this is exactly what some people like to call “elevator trip-hop”, but I like to think of this term as “music that elevates your spirit”. Sometimes (and by “sometimes” I mean almost every freaking day) we...
Nate Connelly - A Dream About Being Lost

Nate Connelly – A Dream About Being Lost

ALBUM SPOTLIGHT Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s something from last year that many of you might have missed with all the holiday craziness. An excellent release from a young label Blind Colour, this is the debut album by Nate Connelly, yet it is filled with talent and confindence from the very first second to the...
Josh Furey - Petals

Josh Furey – Petals

Is it OK to refer to a great album as ‘sophisticated’? I feel like such epithet may rob it of some of the love and feeling that went into creating it and replace it with some robotic  coldness. Which is the last thing I want to do to Petals. It’s just that the album is...
Poldoore - Dreamworks EP

Poldoore – Dreamworks EP

Here I am, my dear readers, with what most likely will be the last review of the year 2012. Is this the most important of the recent releases? Probably not. It’s a 5-track EP from a young largely unknown musician who (unfortunately) will most likely remain largely unknown in the upcoming year. I cannot say...
Cuefx - International Post-War Chill Remixes

Cuefx – International Post-War Chill Remixes

I shamefully missed the release of Cuefx – International Post-War Chill earlier this year. Not intentionally – I knew that any release from *export label is pretty much guaranteed to be at the very least interesting, and this video was very intriguing. But damned lack of time and energy didn’t let me cover it here....
AM444 - Rooms

AM444 – Rooms

My reviews are more of impressions (as the tag suggests) now than ever before. Not having the ability to thoroughly listen to any release from the beginning to the end I put them on whenever and wherever I can – in my car driving to/from work, on my tablet in the kitchen while cooking dinner,...
Poldoore - Lush Life EP

Poldoore – Lush Life EP

In case you haven’t noticed (we sure have been noticing the shit out if it here in Chicagoland), it happens to be summertime, which means it’s time for summertime music. Coincidentally I have three excellent summer-flavored releases for you and I even wanted to review all three of them in one post, but decided against...
Boomruin/BMRN - Monochrome

Boomruin/BMRN – Monochrome

“Monochrome Intro” gives you a pretty good idea (slash warning) that you’re about to hear some weird shit. You cannot tell just from this bizarre (and a bit spooky) slowed down rap intro whether this weird shit is going to be any good. But the second track “Haz” makes it clear (it did for me...
Maed Meva - Figures

Maed Meva – Figures

If I say that Maed Meva – Figures is an extremely enjoyable experimental album, would I hurt the artists’ feelings by doing that? Because I’m used to thinking of “enjoyable experimental” as an oxymoron, I was pretty comfortable with the idea of people creating abstract music just to see what happens if they put certain...
Scarlet Monk - AnnaBella Remixed

Scarlet Monk – AnnaBella Remixed

I find reviewing remix albums harder than original releases. When your regular criteria such as cohesiveness are out of the window (and even become their own antitheses – a “cohesive” remix album may just as well be called “boring”) you don’t have much to rely on other than inevitable comparing to the original material and,...