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Anji Bee - Love Me Leave Me

Anji Bee – Love Me Leave Me

ALBUM SPOTLIGHT Immensely pleasant – this is how I would describe this debut solo LP by Anji Bee. Yes, this is exactly what some people like to call “elevator trip-hop”, but I like to think of this term as “music that elevates your spirit”. Sometimes (and by “sometimes” I mean almost every freaking day) we...
Nate Connelly - A Dream About Being Lost

Nate Connelly – A Dream About Being Lost

ALBUM SPOTLIGHT Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s something from last year that many of you might have missed with all the holiday craziness. An excellent release from a young label Blind Colour, this is the debut album by Nate Connelly, yet it is filled with talent and confindence from the very first second to the...
Josh Furey - Petals

Josh Furey – Petals

Is it OK to refer to a great album as ‘sophisticated’? I feel like such epithet may rob it of some of the love and feeling that went into creating it and replace it with some robotic ¬†coldness. Which is the last thing I want to do to Petals. It’s just that the album is...