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Cuefx - International Post-War Chill Remixes

Cuefx – International Post-War Chill Remixes

I shamefully missed the release of Cuefx – International Post-War Chill earlier this year. Not intentionally – I knew that any release from *export label is pretty much guaranteed to be at the very least interesting, and this video was very intriguing. But damned lack of time and energy didn’t let me cover it here....
New News

New News

Wow, that was a ridiculously long hiatus. I hope you, my dear readers and you, all the wonderful musicians who were expecting a review from me during these past few months, will find it in your beautiful hearts to forgive me. As my wonderful little daughter grows up and I’m getting… not younger, it’s hard...

DJ Shadow then and now

DJ Shadow tells the stories behind creating his albums from 1996 Endtroducing to the upcoming The Less You Know, The Better. Read it on SF Weekly blog All Shook Down.

Amon Tobin about ISAM

Amon Tobin knows. Everything. In particular that we all are waiting for his new album ISAM with about-to-piss-my-pants kind of excitement. And that we are a bit scared – what if it’s too crazy, what if if is too different from what we used to (= what we want to hear). We will find out...

Massive Attack Live Session on KCRW, Los Angeles

Morcheeba Live Session on KCRW, Los Angeles

Ninja Tune: a visual history

The National Student did its homework and put together a killer compilation of classic music videos from Ninja Tune‘s finest warriors in celebration of the label’s upcoming 20th birthday. A very nice and entertaining way to fill the blanks in your trip-hop education. I’m just gonna drop some names: Coldcut, Funki Porcini, Amon Tobin, Bonobo,...

From Amon Tobin’s studio

Two short clips showing Amon Tobin playing around with sounds designed for his new album. Click image to go to website and take a look at ‘some rough controller notes’ (I’m sure that means something to someone :)). ‘Designer Sounds’ clip ‘Liquifyer’ clip

Portishead – Glory Box (John Martin vs. Kram)

From the city of Coverville comes this bloody death-match (just kidding, very peaceful competition) of two covers for Portishead‘s “Glory Box.” Covering Portishead songs is a thankless job, but these two contestants didn’t do too bad. John Martin turns “Glory Box” into soulful blues, and Kram gives a hazy 70’s psychedelic feel. Listen to podcast...

Thievery Corporation to release ‘Best Of’ album

After 15 years of stealing trip-hop fans’ hearts Thievery Corporation’s is coming out with “Best Of” album. It will be called It Takes a Thief and include “Lebanese Blonde” and “Sound the Alarm” among other favorites that Rob Garza and Eric Hilton from their 5 studio albums. More about the album, band’s history and new...

Martina Topley-Bird – on the move

Martina Topley-Bird talks about her new album Some Place Simple, touring with Massive Attack, relationships with Tricky, escaping the legacy of Maxinquaye, raising her daughter and plans to move to L.A. Read here.

Massive Attack plans ‘completely different’ new album

Robert De Naja told BBC 6 that as opposed to Heligoland, where they worked with a bunch of people they have known for a long time, for the new album they plan on working with less people and do something more symphonic and instrumental. He also talks about the importance of taking time to make...