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Massive Attack – Pray For Rain (video)

A little cacotopia from 3D and Daddy G. Man this place (Earth?) sure does need a woman’s touch! Some water wouldn’t hurt either. Impressive acting, good story, even better message, a bloody tooth and a sideboob – all in under 7 minutes. Directed by Jake Scott. Massive Attack – “Pray For Rain”

Massive Attack – Atlas Air (video)

Speaking of following white rabbits. I don’t think I’d want to follow the one in this video. Just doesn’t look safe. I rather stay in and watch this mini-film by Edouard Salier, which actually is a prequel to his video for “Splitting The Atom”. Not that it actually explains anything. Massive Attack – “Atlas Air”...

Massive Attack @ Riviera Theatre (Chicago) 10.15.2010

And this is why they call themselves Massive Attack. Because they do attack. And they sure as hell are massive. By the end of this two-and-a-half-plus-hours-long show there wasn’t a single soul in the old building of the Riviera Theatre (or “the Riv”, how locals call it) that wasn’t captured and disarmed. As intense as...

Massive Attack Live Session on KCRW, Los Angeles

Massive Attack plans ‘completely different’ new album

Robert De Naja told BBC 6 that as opposed to Heligoland, where they worked with a bunch of people they have known for a long time, for the new album they plan on working with less people and do something more symphonic and instrumental. He also talks about the importance of taking time to make...

Lookin’ back

It’s True Love Tuesday! Yay… One of my cats is sick, work is stressing the shit out of me and my mortgage payment is past due, so I’m not really feeling all that Love tonight. But heck, if life gives you lemons, you eat them. There are things that help all of us through tough...

Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (uncensored video)

Of course. Massive Attack released another mini-movie for (finally!) my favorite Heligoland song – “Paradise Circus”. And it’s great. And it’s beautiful. And it’s rated X. It is basically a mini-documentary featuring former (I sure hope so) adult film actress (see, trying to avoid p-word) Georgina Spelvin reminiscing about her profession and the thrill of...

Massive Attack – Psyche (the “Girl & the Ghosts” video)

As promised! Thanks (a million) to my good friend blond, who god knows how found that original video for “Psyche” that I talked about earlier. Creepy girl with Martina Topley-Bird‘s vocal characteristics and friendly multiplying ghosts. Enjoy! I personally liked it better than the later more sophisticated version. And you?

Massive Attack – Heligoland (4 videos)

Splitting the Atom (promo video) Careful with this one. It depicts bullfighting in all its beauty. In slo-mo it looks amazing, but even more tragic.