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Morcheeba – Blood Like Lemonade (video)

Enough being a lazy bum – time to post some fresh content! Ready? Let’s start with the new Morcheeba video for “Blood Like Lemonade” – the title single from their last album. It’s hot in Morcheebaland, maybe because this strange little movie is filmed in the desert, or because Skye is just so damn beautiful....

Morcheeba Live Session on KCRW, Los Angeles

Morcheeba – Blood Like Lemonade Widgets As much as I try to set aside all the anticipation-related emotions and see this album as just a new release, it’s simply not feasible. It’s fuckin’ MORCHEEBA, the legend, the beacon in this very rift we are trippin’. The band I never gave up on, and the band that never did give...

Paul Godfrey (Morcheeba) interview

Paul Godfrey talks (scarcely) to indieLONDON about new album, inspiration for lyrics, Skye‘s return, fun times and harmful egos. Read it here.

Morcheeba – Even Though (video)

Video for a single from the newest Morcheeba album. I’m resonally gettin’ pretty tired of underwater videos, but the song is beautiful and I’m so stoked about Skye being back, that I didn’t even mind. New album Blood Like Lemonade is out NOW (review coming soon)!